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Online Learning is an idea whose time has come, the desire of students to undertake courses over the internet that is accessible 24 x 7 at students convenient time. as you already know E-Learning has become a buzzword in recent times due to the number of companies that offer online training.

UrduITAcademy aims to break the barriers to education by reaching millions of URDU speaking learners around the world, providing free IT educational resources and inviting all for free.

URDU IT Academy is introducing free online urdu Lectures from our qualified professional instructors at the moment we are recording series of CCNA and we are aimed to cover other basic certifications like Microsoft, Web programming, Linux that will help you to create solid base for Urdu speaking students.

As URDU IT Academy is non profit organization all our published stuff is free for every one to read and distribute.

We have our Blog and Facebook page which can be reached as below.



We have registered domain which is under development and you will see us very soon on Linked in and twitter.

If any one of you are interested to share your knowledge you are free to contact us on facebookpage.

Once again we aim to provide best and Latest IT Education in URDU language.

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